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June 2, 2013

Story By: Michelle Lee | Photos by: Leah Friel

Along with sunshine, surf and Spam, there are few things the people of Hawaii love more than something delectably sweet. Considered national treasures, desserts such as the malasada, cream puff and pumpkin crunch sell out of bakeries every day. Now, joining the ranks are the whimsically fun cake doughnuts at Regal Bakery, soon to celebrate its third National Donut Day, this Friday, June 7.

Since its first location opened in 2007, the doughnut shop has amassed high praise for its moist, sugary confections.

“Most bakeries in Hawaii only offer yeast doughnuts,” says Jessie Salvador, general manager of Regal Bakery. “Our line of doughnuts use homemade cake batter and can be personalized with any kind of topping.”

Every day, customers at Regal Bakery can order from a wide assortment of specialty doughnuts. Popular flavors include Red Velvet, Rocky Road and Pumpkin Spice. Diners also can enjoy unique creations such as Almond Chocolate Donut, a chocolate cake doughnut topped with caramel icing and homemade almond butter toffee.

“We try to have as much fun as possible with the different flavors,” says Salvador. “Oftentimes, we will take requests from the public for recipes to test out.”

Adding to the excitement, this year’s National Donut Day will kick off with the opening of the bakery’s third shop located inside downtown’s Chinese Cultural Plaza. Able to seat approximately 80 customers, Regal Bakery’s newest endeavor features a modern-style dining space equipped with television screens, free wi-fi and a plethora of electrical outlets for those looking to sit and work or socialize with friends.

The cafe also offers an all-day breakfast menu with morning staples such as waffles, pancakes and a special in-house coffee blend.

“In addition to our delicious doughnuts, customers can now enjoy a hearty breakfast at any point in the day,” says Salvador. “Additionally, because the new shop has three display cases, we have the leeway to experiment and create more doughnut recipes.”

For all visiting patrons this Friday, Regal Bakery will be giving away one free doughnut, no initial purchase required. Members of Salvation Army, the organization responsible for founding National Donut Day, will join Regal Bakery as part of the event.

“Eventually, we would like to get every bakery in Hawaii to participate in the event,” says Salvador. “It’s important for us to be able to give back to the community.”

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