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The Fat Greek

Food Trippin’ Along the Mediterranean Sea

Every so often, my mind wanders away from the stresses of daily life and back to my travels along the Mediterranean Sea and to the land of Greece, where I spent one of the best weeks of my life. My days consisted of relaxing by the pool sipping mimosas on the Santorini isle, enjoying the…

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So Many Reasons Why I’m Lovin’ My Lamb

When it comes to lamb, where do you fall on the food spectrum? Do you consider it to be tender and succulent or gamey and, quite frankly, baaaad? Viewed as one of the most versatile of meats, lamb is surprisingly not a favorite among Americans. But ask any European, Australian or New Zealander and I’m…

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April 24 - 30, 2011

Large Appetizers to Satisfy Appetites of ‘Fat’s’ Patrons

Ever get tired of restaurants that offer up appetizers that end up being appe-teasers? Whether it’s a lack of quality, or small portion size, a poor pupu can ruin one’s dining experience. Fortunately at The Fat Greek, diners won’t run into the aforementioned dilemma. The cozy eatery nestled in Kaimuki near the intersection of Saint…

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March 6 - 12, 2011

The Mezze Platter’s a Reason to Go Greek

Maybe customary, maybe coincidental, but like many Greek families, The Fat Greek’s new Mezze Platter is nothing short of boisterous and flavorful. Indeed, the Mezze Platter can be both a warming sight and intimidating at the same time. One of the specialties that brings this plethora of food together is the feta cheese. The salad,…

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February 6 - 12, 2011

‘Fat’ Keeps it Healthy

Why is it that eating healthy can seem like such a chore at times? Well, there’s nothing routine about the menu at The Fat Greek, located at the corner of Waialae Avenue and St. Louis Drive in Kaimuki, which has made healthy eating not only simple, but enjoyable, too. Francois Provenza opened this 100-seat establishment…

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