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Shiro’s Saimin Haven

January 8, 2017

Saimin Shop Still Growing

Ever since Franz Shiro Matsuo opened Shiro’s Saimin Haven in the late ’60s, it has become a go-to spot for local favorites. But just because the eatery has such a long legacy, that doesn’t mean that it has stopped innovating. In fact, Shiro’s is coming up with new ideas all the time. General manager Bryce…

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December 11, 2016

Less is more at Waimalu saimin eatery

For those looking for smaller portions, Shiro’s Saimin Haven has the perfect solution: The long-time Waimalu eatery just started to offer mini plates at the beginning of this month. According to general manager Bryce Fujimoto, mini plates were on Shiro’s menu before, but they were discontinued. “Now that a lot of our regular customers are…

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November 6, 2016

A Lasting Legacy In Local Food

For his whole life, Franz Shiro Matsuo wanted nothing more than to open his own restaurant. He spent years working under different chefs, all with the goal of one day running his own place. He realized that dream in 1967 when he opened Shiro’s Hula Hula Drive In, before moving to Waimalu Shopping Center in…

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September 18, 2016

An Old Favorite Introduces New Flavors

For quite some time, the staff and customers at Shiro’s Saimin Haven have had a front-row view of the rail construction that runs along Kamehameha Highway, right in front of the restaurant’s cozy spot within Waimalu Shopping Center. But rather than let the ensuing traffic and delays bring them down, the crew at Shiro’s is…

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August 21, 2016

Go ‘catch’ this Pokemon-inspired saimin

Shiro’s Saimin Haven is a home away from home for many island patrons who can’t resist the taste of the iconic restaurant’s classic local dishes. “We offer a little bit of everything; it’s basically a melting pot of Hawaiian cultures reflected in the food,” says general manager Bryce Fujimoto. “Besides our saimin, we are known…

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July 17, 2016

Growing Up With Shiro’s

The Matsuo family never could have imagined the future success of their saimin business when their first bowl was served back in 1969. Today, Shiro’s Saimin Haven continues to be a staple for multiple generations of Hawaii families. On any given day, you’ll see keiki, parents, grandparents, aun-ties and uncles all gathered around, and their…

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It’s Always Better With Bacon

If there’s one thing that brings food-enthusiasts together in the whole wide wondrous world of devilishly delicious foodie obsessions, it would have to be a shared love for crispy, fatty, salty strips of bacon — on anything and everything. Like many of you, I grew up eating bacon, and the smell of it on the…

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May 8, 2016

Saimin house serves up specials

When it comes to old-school local-favorite diners, you can bet that Shiro’s Saimin Haven is on the list. Founded in 1968 by Franz Shiro Matsuo, the local family-run restaurant is known for its tasty island comfort food, including its famous saimin. Customers can enjoy an extensive menu with more than 60 saimin dishes, an endless…

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Keep The Kimchee Comin’

When it comes to kimchee, dining in Hawaii simply would not be the same without it. Extending far beyond just a banchan (side dish) found in our favorite Korean restaurants, this coveted fermented food has become a staple here that goes well with just about any savory dish. Got fried rice? Go ahead and add…

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February 9, 2016

Keeping It Old School

Serving Hawaii the best saimin for nearly 50 years, Shiro’s has become a household name. According to general manager Bryce Fujimoto, founder Franz Shiro Matsuo — better known as “Mistah Saimin” — wanted to create a restaurant where both locals and visitors could enjoy island comfort food. “He really valued good customer service and had…

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