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Shiro’s Saimin Haven

May 8, 2016

Saimin house serves up specials

When it comes to old-school local-favorite diners, you can bet that Shiro’s Saimin Haven is on the list. Founded in 1968 by Franz Shiro Matsuo, the local family-run restaurant is known for its tasty island comfort food, including its famous saimin. Customers can enjoy an extensive menu with more than 60 saimin dishes, an endless…

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Keep The Kimchee Comin’

When it comes to kimchee, dining in Hawaii simply would not be the same without it. Extending far beyond just a banchan (side dish) found in our favorite Korean restaurants, this coveted fermented food has become a staple here that goes well with just about any savory dish. Got fried rice? Go ahead and add…

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February 9, 2016

Keeping It Old School

Serving Hawaii the best saimin for nearly 50 years, Shiro’s has become a household name. According to general manager Bryce Fujimoto, founder Franz Shiro Matsuo — better known as “Mistah Saimin” — wanted to create a restaurant where both locals and visitors could enjoy island comfort food. “He really valued good customer service and had…

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January 5, 2016

Some Things Never Change

Lining the walls of Shiro’s Saimin Haven at the restaurant’s Waimalu location are “Dear Hearts” poems written by late owner Franz Shiro Matsuo — better known as “Mistah Saimin.” Each reveals a little about what the founder treasured, including words on family, respect and living life to the fullest, displayed for each spectator to take…

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November 29, 2015

May Your Meals Be Merry And Bright

One of the most important parts of the holiday season is gathering with loved ones for a special meal. That’s why the family behind Shiro’s Saimin Haven is ready and willing to make your next celebration as delicious as possible via a full catering menu overflowing with homemade comfort foods. The eatery has been making…

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I’ll Take The Combo Please!

Now here are a few meals for the most indecisive of diners. You know, those of us who think everything on the menu looks so good and we just … can’t … decide what to order! Combo meals were made for us, as they allow us to have a taste of it all. They’re a…

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September 13, 2015

Escape the heat with lighter fare

Hot, humid days and heavy meals do not make the best combination, and can leave us feeling lethargic — especially when getting through rush-hour traffic. To help its customers fill up and satisfy their taste buds, yet not feel “gravy-loaded,” Shiro’s Saimin Haven is serving up weekly specials that opt for more vegetables and lighter…

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Putting a Local Twist on Pork Adobo

As a food writer, I chat with restaurant owners, chefs and fellow foodies quite a bit. I often hear them describing those special comfort foods we all love to wolf down here in the Aloha State as “local-style” dishes. Earlier this week, I got to thinking — what does that really mean, anyway? “Local-style” is…

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June 21, 2015

Make your next event a tasty one

Since serving up its first piping-hot bowl of saimin in 1969, Shiro’s Saimin Haven has become a mainstay for multiple generations of Hawaii families. Shiro’s features convenient locations in Aiea at Waimalu Shopping Center as well as in Ewa Beach, and it serves up all sorts of local comfort food, from iconic saimin to fried…

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May 19, 2015

‘Caps off’ to Shiro’s catering

Graduation commencement ceremonies are on the horizon, which means parties and well-wishes will abound as students begin new chapters of their lives. Thankfully, Shiro’s Saimin makes catering for celebratory gatherings easy, and offers delicious food options for extremely reasonable prices. According to general manager Bryce Fujimoto, many people already have placed catering orders and the…

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