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Red House in Honolulu

This restaurant is no longer in business.

November 18, 2012

Red House Brings Fun to Fusion Cuisine

From the bright red-and-white decor and outlandish wall decorations to the K-Pop music videos playing continuously on one of the walls, Red House in Honolulu makes an eye-catching first impression as the eatery continues its mission to bring a “new generation of Korean food” to the Islands. Owner Justin Chun conceived the fusion restaurant ,located…

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October 28, 2012

Red House

Dine at Red House in Honolulu and experience a fusion cuisine all its own. This Keeaumoku Street restaurant opened its doors last year and is similar to cafes found in Korea. K-Pop music videos play on, and the ambiance is very hip and modern. Owner Justin Chun takes traditional Korean dishes and infuses international flavors….

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October 14, 2012

Rolling Out Innovative Eats at Red House

After settling into a bright red, sparkly booth or plopping down on an ultra cool Mod-style chair, you’ll look up at a giant screen blasting K-Pop music videos and realize that Red House in Honolulu is not your average Korean restaurant. For nearly a year, the Keeaumoku Street hot spot has excited the local dining…

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September 2, 2012

Fusion Food You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

From the moment you walk into Red House in Honolulu on Keeaumoku Street, it’s clear that you are in for something different. From the hip decor to the wall-length screen playing K-pop music videos, Red House certainly has a one-of-a-kind look and feel — a quality that extends to the food itself, too. With its…

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Mochi On My Mind

Happy Sunday, Ono readers! Thank goodness it’s Sunday because this past week was crazy busy. Between juggling work, family, caring for my dog Kea and cleaning up after my new 8-week-old puppy, Oreo, who is currently being potty trained and is chewing on everything he can get his paws on, I was about to lose…

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August 5, 2012

Korean Fusion Favorites

Step into Red House for a unique dining experience. Recently opened about seven months ago, this hip and modern restaurant, located on Keeaumoku Street in Honolulu, is hard to miss. And once you dine here, it’ll be even harder to forget. Taking pride in Korean fusion, the interior of Red House is very modern, and…

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July 8, 2012

A Little Hot, A Little Sweet

It would be pretty hard not to spot a Korean restaurant on “Koreamoku” Street, as it’s a mecca for the popular cuisine. But once you step into Red House, you know you’re going to have a unique dining experience — Korean fusion food and a hip, youthful ambience, with entertaining K-Pop videos playing continuously in…

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June 10 - 16, 2012

Take on a Taste of Korean Fusion

You may not be familiar with the culinary term “Korean fusion,” but that’s OK, neither was I before heading out to Red House on Keeaumoku Street this week. Here is all you need to know, Korean food is delicious. Korean food modernized with international flavors may be even better. The funky, fun restaurant was opened…

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May 6 - 12, 2012

Uniqueness and Spice at Red House in Honolulu

Described by its owner as a “Korean fusion” restaurant, Red House in Honolulu is a bit different from many local Korean eateries. Red House in Honolulu, located on Keeaumoku Street, is eye-catching for numerous reasons, whether it be the clean, white-and-red stylish decor of the eatery’s interior or the K-pop music videos projected onto its…

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Some Like It Hot

Happy Sunday, Ono readers! If you don’t know it yet, I’m a fiend for the spicy. Yes, my palate prefers intense levels of heat, and when it comes to my favorite cuisine, the hotter the better. I’ve even been known to carry a mini bottle of Tabasco sauce in my purse from time to time,…

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