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Plumeria Beach House

Oh, Sweet Thing! Bread Pudding is My Everything

My sweet tooth is a blessing and a curse, and the very cause of much internal conflict. However, I’ve slowly come to accept that when it comes to me and sugar, restraint almost is non-existent — nothing stands in my way. My dentist sure does love me … and oh, how I love those therapeutic…

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A Whole Lotta Wonton

Happy Mother’s Day, Ono fanatics! Let’s get right to it, because this week I am beyond excited to share my love for a dish that remains so close to my heart. My passion for food abounds now more than ever, and it’s time to share my obsession with wonton soup. So, you all know just…

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Miso Madness!

Me so crazy about miso! Yup, Ono readers, miso is my latest and greatest obsession. Let me count the ways in which I adore this Japanese culinary staple. First of all, a bowl of steamy, hot miso soup with chunks of tofu and green onion garnish has my name written all over it, while the…

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March 2, 2014

Bold Flavors in Full Bloom

Tucked away in a private community alongside East Oahu’s breathtaking coastline sits award-winning restaurant Plumeria Beach House. Part of The Kahala Hotel and Resort, the eatery is truly a paradise within a paradise, celebrating a variety of flavors and cultures through fresh ingredients and creative dishes. “Being that we are a little outside of Waikiki,…

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February 9, 2014

All You Need is Love-filled Eats

As Valentine’s Day nears, thoughts of sweet nothings and classic love songs to the tune of “All My Lovin’” or “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” come to mind. In addition to giving and receiving tokens of affection and heart-shaped chocolate boxes, families, friends and couples alike will be sharing love-filled meals together during the holiday….

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January 26, 2014

Local Culinary Delights Packed with Asian Flair

The fish labeled “fresh” on the menu at Kahala Hotel & Resort’s Plumeria Beach House is “the freshest you can get,” says executive chef Wayne Hirabayashi. But you don’t have to take his word for it; a restaurant situated within view of the ocean is no better indicator of freshness. The best of the land…

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The Chase is On for Seafood Chowder

It’s true that fall in Hawaii isn’t as chilly as it is on the Mainland, but I know we all woke up to a distinct nip in the air this past week. In lieu of leaves to rake and snow to shovel, there’s really only one thing for kamaaina to do when a cool breeze…

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September 22, 2013

Set Sail for a Bountiful Feast

Experience the créme de la créme of fine-dining amid a beachfront oasis at The Kahala Hotel & Resort’s Plumeria Beach House. This picture-perfect setting is the ideal backdrop for indoor or outdoor dining, and the top-notch cuisine makes jaws drop and mouths water time and time again. Plumeria Beach House, which opened its doors in…

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July 14, 2013

The Allure of Alfresco

The Kahala Hotel and Resort never disappoints, and its award-winning Plumeria Beach House — which was included in the Open Table Diner’s Choice 2013 Top 100 Outdoor Dining Restaurants, among other accolades — speaks for itself. Ah, yes, dining alfresco in a sophisticated yet relaxing tropical setting with stunning views of white sand beaches and…

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May 19, 2013

Plumeria’s Blooming Starters

The Kahala Hotel & Resort is home to a number of restaurants without walls. That may seem like a strange description, but with the hotel’s “anything for the customer” philosophy, it’s actually quite fitting. The elegant hotel offers a number of comfortable and scenic places to sit and enjoy the surroundings, and from those seats…

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