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November 10, 2013

Okazuya Boasts Oh-So-Comforting Classics

There’s a certain warmth that accompanies a visit to an okazuya, or Japanese deli. It comes from the uncomplicated flavors that epitomize “home style” cooking. If you grew up in Hawaii, each selection and bite transports you back to some nostalgic memory. For 20 years, Mitsu-Ken Okazu & Catering has served local okazu (Japanese side…

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September 22, 2013

Mitsu-Ken Okazu and Catering

A CLOSER LOOK AT THIS WEEK’S HOUSE SPECIAL: BRAISED BBQ SHORT RIBS ($8.75) Here in the Islands, Mitsu-Ken Okazu & Catering is the go-to hot spot for bentos, combination plates and catering platters. The magic began in December 1992 in a small hole-in-the-wall eatery on North School Street. Today, the restaurant has expanded to a…

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July 28, 2013

Mitsu-Ken Okazu & Catering

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at your favorite restaurant? Well, much credit goes to the many chefs, owners and managers who work diligently day in and day out to make sure Hawaii’s diners have a top-notch dining experience. This week, Dining Out gets the inside scoops from Mitsu-Ken’s manager Sherri Kaneshiro, who…

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June 30, 2013

This Time, Think Inside the Box

Did you know the clinical term for “funny bone” is the olecranon? Random factoids aside: make no bones about it, Mitsu-Ken Okazu & Catering’s following is anything but trivial. If the line of restaurant fanatics and their rave reviews don’t convince you, then try the food yourself. As a one-stop box with an assortment of…

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May 19, 2013

Craving a Bite of the Chicken That’s “Just Right”

It’s 4:30 a.m., are you already standing in line for Mitsu-Ken? Do you have their phone number programmed in your cell phone and call them more than your mother? Is Mitsu-ken your first stop after landing home from the airport? Did you freeze a stockpile of garlic chicken to take to college? If you answered…

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April 14, 2013

An Amazing Journey, A Lasting Legacy

It all started back in December 1992 in a small hole-in-the-wall eatery on North School Street with savory morsels of garlic chicken cooking in a wok and a simple breakfast special, which nearly 20 years later catapulted Mitsu-Ken Okazu & Catering to the thriving local hot spot it is today. Best described by long-time patrons…

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