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Max’s of Manila

April 10, 2016

Good to the Max

With Filipino favorites such as Pancit Bihon ($9.50) and Beef Sinigang ($10.95), it’s no wonder why Max’s of Manila is one of Hawaii’s most beloved Filipino restaurants. What started 70 years ago in Maximo Gimenez’s Philippines home as a place for yummy fried chicken and good company has evolved into a worldwide eatery offering delicious…

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Ready To Pig Out!

As you’ve surely noticed over the past few years in the foodie world, pork belly is hot, hot, hot — and still sizzling! Even our most beloved thin slices of this cut of the hog, aka bacon, have taken a bit of a backseat to thicker, juicier and “fattier” presentations of pork belly. You’ll see…

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January 25, 2016

Still The One

Famously known as “The House that Fried Chicken Built,” Max’s of Manila offers Filipino cuisine using the same foundation that restaurant creator Maximo Gimenez utilized 70 years ago. Gimenez started the restaurant in Quezon City, Philippines, laying down the groundwork for a successful business with good food and a great dining atmosphere, which the Iwilei…

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December 29, 2015

70 Years Of Filipino Fare

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Max’s of Manila. The restaurant chain highlighting Filipino cuisine made its way to Hawaii almost 10 years ago, with one location in Waipahu and another in Honolulu. Max’s of Manila started in Maximo Gimenez’s home. Gimenez was a Stanford-educated professor who befriended American troops stationed at Quezon City,…

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Sippin’ On Soup

It’s widely reported that Americans consume more than 10 billion bowls of soup each year — and with good reason. Soups often present an entire lunch or dinner in one bowl, and are some of the most convenient and soul-soothing ways to get a well-rounded, nutritious meal. Even in warmer climates like ours, we can’t…

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October 18, 2015

Winner, Winner, Fried Chicken Dinner!

AT MAX’S OF MANILA, “Chicken Love” is indeed all you need. Upon launching his own cafe in 1945, Maximo “Max” Gimenez could not have envisioned the global reach his cuisine enjoys seven decades later. Diners continue to flock to Max’s of Manila as the restaurant celebrates its 70th anniversary with a special can’t-miss “Chicken Blowout”…

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September 27, 2015 ,

Fired Up About Fried Rice

In many parts of the world, fried rice is regarded as a side dish to supplement one’s meal, but I know I don’t have to tell you that in the hearts and minds of Hawaii’s diners, it’s considered to be just as important as any main dish. With origins in Chinese cuisine, fried rice could…

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August 2, 2015

Praising 70 years of Filipino classics

Of the several options you have to fulfill your Filipino food cravings, there is no better choice than Max’s of Manila. The establishment is known for its central Tagalog cooking style, which, for many, brings a taste that’s closer to home. As Max’s of Manila celebrates 70 years of serving a complete line of Filipino…

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June 21, 2015

Max’s of Manila

A CLOSER LOOK AT THIS WEEK’S HOUSE SPECIAL: Beer-Braised Pata Tim ($15.95) Yearning for a feast of Filipino flavors? Look no further than Max’s of Manila, where Honolulu Star-Advertiser has called it “Hawaii’s Best Place for Filipino Food” three years in a row. The restaurant serves up a colossal menu of pure, authentic Filipino cuisine…

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May 10, 2015

Taking it to the ‘Max’

Swaying palms, glistening white sands and crystal blue waters amid warm, tropical temperatures. It’s not just the weather that reflects how similar in many ways the Philippines is to Hawaii. Also synonymous is the way that Filipino cuisine has evolved over the years to include a number of ethnic influences such as Malay, Spanish, Chinese,…

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