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Max’s of Manila

December 25, 2016

Enjoy seasonal Filipino faves

One thing many of us look forward to during the holidays is enjoying a festive meal with loved ones. And Max’s of Manila is the perfect place to do so. The eatery offers an array of beloved Filipino dishes, and now offers a few seasonal items until Jan. 5. The first is Embutido ($11.95 per…

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November 20, 2016

Adding some Filipino flair to the holidays

Hawaii has an amazing food culture because of its diversity. Filipino culture is especially prominent in the state, and Max’s of Manila is the best place to satisfy all of your Filipino cravings. The restaurant got started more than 70 years ago in founder Maximo Gimenez’s home. Gimenez was a Stanford-educated professor who befriended American…

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October 16, 2016

Welcome To The ‘House That Fried Chicken Built’

There’s nothing like biting into a golden, crispy piece of fried chicken bursting with juicy, tender meat. If you feel a craving coming on, there’s no better place to get it than Max’s of Manila, especially during its 71st anniversary Chicken Blowout celebration Tuesday, Oct. 18. As part of the annual promotion, customers may enjoy…

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August 28, 2016 ,

Great Food In The Palm Of My Hand

Though we’re constantly surrounded by endless stretches of palm trees swaying in the breeze of our island home, we don’t usually associate them with our diets beyond the oh-so-classic coconut. But palm trees also give us fresh, healthy stocks of heart of palm, which often are found chopped up in refreshing summer salads. How do…

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Just chillin’

It’s back! That sweat-inducing, dizzy spell-causing summer heat that has us all running for the water — or nearest air conditioned space — and seeking out any source of refreshment by way to ice-cold treats. I have no doubt that we’ll all be enjoying our fair share of shave ice, cold smoothies, fro yo, Banan…

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June 26, 2016

Summertime, And The Eating Is Easy

Summer has officially started, and although that might mean time off for keiki, parents may be getting busier as they chauffeur their kids to and from sporting events and other activities. Max’s of Manila is making mealtime a little easier for everyone with its Summer Treat To Go special. Available now until the end of…

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Our Very Own Peanut Gallery

Happy Sunday, Ono readers! I give you permission to call me the Nutty Professor this week, but it’s not because I’ll be doing wacky experiments like Eddie Murphy did in the movie. Instead, I’m going nuts with good eats — peanuts, to be exact. The protein-rich ingredient is worthy of applause, seeing as it works…

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April 10, 2016

Good to the Max

With Filipino favorites such as Pancit Bihon ($9.50) and Beef Sinigang ($10.95), it’s no wonder why Max’s of Manila is one of Hawaii’s most beloved Filipino restaurants. What started 70 years ago in Maximo Gimenez’s Philippines home as a place for yummy fried chicken and good company has evolved into a worldwide eatery offering delicious…

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Ready To Pig Out!

As you’ve surely noticed over the past few years in the foodie world, pork belly is hot, hot, hot — and still sizzling! Even our most beloved thin slices of this cut of the hog, aka bacon, have taken a bit of a backseat to thicker, juicier and “fattier” presentations of pork belly. You’ll see…

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January 25, 2016

Still The One

Famously known as “The House that Fried Chicken Built,” Max’s of Manila offers Filipino cuisine using the same foundation that restaurant creator Maximo Gimenez utilized 70 years ago. Gimenez started the restaurant in Quezon City, Philippines, laying down the groundwork for a successful business with good food and a great dining atmosphere, which the Iwilei…

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