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King’s Shabu Shabu

Livin’ for the Lobster Crawl

If the opportunity presents itself, I’ll travel to Maine in a heartbeat, all for the love of lobster. Now, let me explain: My affection for this crustacean (from a food enthusiast standpoint) is deeper than the New England waters where some of these critters tread. Once you break through the lobster shell, it’s as if…

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August 11, 2013

Serving Up Freshness by the Mouthful

In just a few weeks since its grand opening, King’s Shabu Shabu has already developed a loyal following by offering customers a vast array of fresh seafood selections, tasty shabu shabu options and Cajun-style combos that take one’s dining experience to the next level. The restaurant is situated conveniently at the corner of McCully and…

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July 14, 2013

King’s Shabu Shabu Reigns Supreme

After establishing success with Lobster King and building a throng of loyal customers, restaurant owners June Kim and Jay Chen wanted to give local diners another dining experience fit for a royal court. The dynamic duo recently opened King’s Shabu Shabu on the corner of McCully and Young Streets, and offer customers a vast array…

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