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July 2, 2017 ,

Playing With Fire

They say playing with fire is dangerous, but when it comes to eating flavor-packed food, that certainly isn’t the case. Spicy foods have so much to offer, from exciting our taste buds to making our bodies happy — and, believe it or not, they are the best remedy for this scorching-hot weather. That’s right, that…

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May 28, 2017

Eating Healthy

As living a healthy lifestyle becomes more than just a trend, restaurants all around Hawaii are altering their menus to offer a little something for everyone. Junpuu, however, is already ahead of the pack with healthy choices and vegetarian options that are as tasty as ever. Known for its signature tonkotsu broth and variety of…

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April 30, 2017

Warm up to luxurious homemade ramen

In light of the recent rainy weather, if customers are craving ramen or wanting to get their noodle fix, Junpuu provides the perfect solution. Customers can cozy up to a steaming bowl of the savory soup and rest assured that the flavors can’t be beat. According to Junpuu owner Eiji Kato, the two most popular…

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March 26, 2017

Pig Out On This Pork-Based Soup

When Eiji Kato moved to the United States from Japan as a teenager, he was really picky about food. Settling first into Vermont and Texas, he had trouble finding restaurants that served what he wanted to eat. The solution? He started cooking for himself. Later, after moving to Hawaii, he went on to work as…

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February 19, 2017

Try this rich pork-based broth

When the weather is cold and stormy the way it has been lately, ramen is the dish that always hits the spot. Hot, steamy noodles steeped in a hearty broth made of pork bones simmered for 16 hours is exactly what you need, and you’ll find them at Junpuu on South King Street. “For most…

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January 22, 2017 ,

Can you Feel The Heat?

If there’s one type of food that is a cure-all for everything from vog symptoms to those coughs and colds going around, it’s soothing, simmering soup. And as chilly evenings continue to settle in this time of year, we all could probably benefit from wrapping our hands around a hot bowl, being sure to slurp…

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December 25, 2016

The Perfect Bowl Of Ramen

You can recognize a good bowl of ramen by its many dimensions. There’s depth of flavor in the broth, the condiments give character, and the noodles, if properly cooked, give texture. The protein, be it char siu, chicken or ground meat, lend volume, and everything has to come together for a bowl to be worth…

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December 4, 2016

Authentic Ramen For The Slurping

When Junpuu owner and chef Eiji Kato moved to Hawaii in 2000, he had a hard time finding something familiar to eat, so he started cooking his own food remembering what his mom, a cooking teacher in Japan, taught him. “I was so picky about food and I always liked cooking,” he explains. “I wanted…

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Slurp It Up

Despite our warm climate, we have a strong culture of soup here in the Islands. And with an abundance of cultures that make up our local community, we sure do love our saimin, ramen, pho, miso soup, tripe stew — and don’t even get me started on oxtail soup! There’s comfort in the cultural familiarity…

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September 18, 2016

Going the distance for ramen perfection

When it comes to talking about Junpuu’s “wow” factor, owner Eiji Kato doesn’t hesitate to speak up. “We make everything from scratch and we go the extra mile,” he says. Junpuu, known for its unique ramen dishes, boasts many customer favorites. Patrons often order Spicy Cheese Gyoza ($6), for instance, as an appetizer. “It features…

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