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JJ’s Bistro & French Pastry

October 5, 2014

Artistic, innovative fare defines Kaimuki bistro

While JJ Bistro & French Pastry is widely known for its decadent desserts, stopping there would be remiss. The Kaimuki eatery, which offers a mix of Asian and European fare, also has a full menu showcasing salad, pizza, pasta, pad thai, fish and more. Popular items include Lobster Cheese Ravioli ($14.95), which features ravioli stuffed…

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August 31, 2014

JJ Bistro & French Pastry

JJ Bistro & French Pastry first opened its doors in 1995 in Aiea, and then four years later relocated to its current home in Kaimuki. Throughout the years, the establishment has developed a devout following thanks to owner and chef JJ Luangkhot, who has established himself in the restaurant industry with his decadent desserts and…

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Doubling up on delicious fare

From the comfort-inducing plate lunches we pack up for the beach, to gourmet Pacific Rim meals we treat ourselves to on special occasions, it’s safe to say that fusion-filled fare is all around us here in the Islands. Even so, I’d be willing to bet you’ve never had a mouthwatering mélange quite like the ones…

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Get Flaky With Pot Pie

It’s OK to flake on dinner — under one condition. “Flake” must refer to the crispy, golden flakiness of a pillowy pot pie. Deemed a longstanding American classic, pot pies are hot, hot, hot: steaming with an irresistible aroma that awakens pangs of hunger from within. And the best home cooking always comes with a…

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Young grasshopper gourmet

Long before Donald Trump (and his hair) began deciding who was fired and not fired on national television, the concept of The Apprentice was much more than a reality show — it was a way of life. Countless examples throughout history exist of this unique, symbiotic system of learning. When America was settled, the tradesmen…

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It’s always good to the last bite

If you are anything like me, fantasies about what to order for dessert begin circling your mind before an appetizer has even arrived at the table. Don’t feel guilty. If a meal is like a sundae, then dessert is its proverbial cherry on top. But take a moment to enjoy the flavors of every course…

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Paving the Way for JJ

The restaurant industry is comparable to the stock market in that it’s constantly fluctuating with the comings and goings of establishments hoping to hit an all-time high in an eclectic dining scene. At times it can be a competitive field, but for those like restaurant owner and chef JJ Luangkhot, who possess a genuine passion…

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Rockin’ the Lobster

The ongoing debate of savory versus sweet is always a battle within me. Recently, my sweet tooth has been running rapid, and it takes a load of sugar to satisfy it. Thankfully, Valentine’s Day just passed, so my stash of chocolate, cookies and candies has been replenished. However, conflict always occurs when a waft of…

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January 26, 2014

Parisian Treats, Island Inspired

JJ’s Bistro & French Pastry in Kaimuki has been providing its customers with amazing French-inspired pastries for 15 years, and executive pastry chef and owner JJ Luangkhot says that the more than 40 pastries available for purchase are the “all-star” team of desserts. “They are the most popular pastries,” he adds. “We don’t follow what’s…

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December 22, 2013

Spread the Cheer With Holiday Pupus

Christmas is near, and you’ve probably decorated a festive and twinkling tree, wrapped all your presents (well OK, some of them) and now you’re ready to celebrate with family and friends, right? But wait a minute, there’s one more crucial piece of the holiday puzzle to have in order: What will you be feasting on?…

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