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Camellia Buffet

April 27, 2015

Families find it all at Camellia Buffet

Camellia Buffet continues to attract generations of diners as the “thrill of the grill” satiates appetites of any size. The popular establishment has pleased patrons of all ages over the last three decades by serving up quality Korean-influenced cuisine prepared yakiniku style. “If you have a big appetite, you’ll get your money’s worth,” says manager…

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March 1, 2015

The choice is yours at Camellia Buffet

For the past 28 years, Camellia Buffet has been a popular place for all-you-can-eat yakiniku-style favorites. Its large dining room and separate private room (that seats 24 to 30 people) makes it a great choice for family gatherings or parties. Locally owned and operated by sister and brother June Ha and Kenji Kim, Camellia Buffet…

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January 4, 2015

Camellia Buffet Cooks Up Family Feast

Just in time for the turning of the calendar and the ushering in of a new year, Camellia Buffet is adding yet another must-try buffet item with a host of superb sushi. The “thrill of the grill” keeps generations of diners flocking to Camellia Buffet as they have done for the last 30-plus years, and…

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November 23, 2014

Eating between the lines

Growing up, my mom was a master gardener. Our Southern lawn gently sloped into sectioned-off gardens, each filled with aromatic herbs, wholesome veggies, fish ponds, fountains and, my favorite, two camellia bushes (one white and one red). A true bookworm with such an imagination, I remember I used to play in this enclosed garden, pretending…

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October 19, 2014

Get up in this grill

In one of his songs, Jimmy Buffet sings, “I was hungry and went out for a bite.” Anyone with an empty stomach should heed his words. And Camellia Buffet, the all-you-can-eat Korean yakiniku restaurant tucked off McCully, is just that haven for the hungry. The buffet certainly boasts a multitude of ingredients. There is a…

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August 10, 2014

Chow down with Camellia

As one of the area’s most frequented all-you-can-eat buffets, Camellia Buffet has always insisted on cooking Korean cuisine the traditional way. “We try to keep everything as authentic as possible, using recipes that have been passed on for generations,” says floor manager Kelly Park. With almost 30 successful years behind its operation, the restaurant continues…

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July 6, 2014

Camellia Buffet

The options are endless at Camellia Buffet, a Honolulu restaurant renowned for its all-you-can-eat Korean buffet. Patrons take on the role of chef, and cook their favorites on a tabletop yakiniku grill. The buffet spread features all of the savory meats you could ask for, from chicken and kalbi to beef ribeye and hot spicy…

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June 8, 2014

Keiki-approved eats, I kid you not

For more than 20 years now, Camellia Buffet has been Honolulu’s yakiniku-style eatery of choice, offering the best in Korean fare with its all-you-can-eat buffet (lunch: $17.95, $13 for children ages 4 to 8; dinner: $25.95, $15 for children ages 4 to 8). From an expansive array of meats, seafood and vegetables ready to be…

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April 13, 2014

Camellia Buffet Cooks Up Feast Fit for Family

The “thrill of the grill” keeps generations of diners flocking to Camellia Buffet as they have done for the last 30-plus years, and the popular establishment continues to attract customers of all ages with quality Korean-influenced cuisine prepared yakiniku style at every table. The spacious restaurant, which is appropriately named after a stunning flower that…

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March 9, 2014

Cook Your Own Lunch, Dinner to Perfection

Chances are you’ve been served meat at one time or another that just wasn’t done the way you asked for it. Well, at Camellia Buffet, a popular Korean yakiniku restaurant on Mc-Cully Street, customers can cook their own meat to how they desire it. No unpleasant surprises here. “It’s a meat lover’s paradise,” describes manager…

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