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3660 On the Rise

October 25, 2015

Chef’s passion, limitless cuisine

Chef de Cuisine Lydell Leong is one of those creative geniuses that dispels anything close to pretentiousness, even as 3660 On The Rise off of Waialae has maintained a high-class reputation for fine dining. Chef Lydell describes Masago Arare Crusted Fillet of Scottish Salmon ($29.75) with passionate detail and vigorous hand gestures, riling up Dining…

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September 13, 2015 ,

The Scoop on Keeping Cool

There is only one way to get through a summer as hot and muggy as this one and still have a morsel of vitality left. I’ll give you a hint: It’s even better than air conditioning and involves frozen desserts — lots and lots of ice-cold treats to soothe your dried-up taste buds. Like many…

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August 9, 2015

3660 On The Rise

A CLOSER LOOK AT THIS WEEK’S HOUSE SPECIAL: Roast Rack of Macadamia Nut Crusted Lamb ($40) On your next drive down Waialae Avenue, you’ll find a corner building home to a restaurant that perfectly suits its name. Rising with culinary heights is 3660 On The Rise, a staple eatery that offers the best of Euro-Asian…

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July 5, 2015

Providing guests with heavenly yet approachable cuisine

Boasting fine dining fare marked by a distinctly eclectic and refined aesthetic, 3660 On The Rise manages to offer its guests exquisite eats without falling prey to over-the-top elitism. “I believe what makes 3660 stand out is our cuisine itself,” says chef de cuisine Lydell Leong. “We try to serve excellent quality without being fussy…

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Hooked on Chilean Sea Bass

From fresh poke and world-class sushi to grilled mahi mahi, hamachi, onaga, you name it, we are no strangers to incredible fish here in the Islands. To all my fellow seafood lovers out there, I’m calling on you to join me in an exciting culinary challenge this week. Let’s get creative and forego our usual…

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April 12, 2015

3660′s new menu rises to new heights

Created by noted local chef Russell Siu, 3660 On The Rise has been a go-to for Euro-Asian island cuisine since it opened in 1992. Patrons keep coming back — and the Kaimuki eatery keeps giving them new reasons to. Just a few months ago, for instance, 3660 revamped its menu. “We have brought in some…

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March 1, 2015

Coupe de foie gras

You’re off to a good start no matter which appetizer you choose at 3660 On the Rise, a restaurant renowned for its Pacific Rim cuisine. This week, the amiable chef de cuisine Lydell Leong filled me in on how the restaurant’s passion for combining Asian and European ingredients, and preparations translates into exquisite eats. Let’s…

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January 25, 2015

Revamped Menu Elevates Dining Experience

While its menu selections incorporate some of the finest ingredients and preparation techniques coupled with an array of international influences, one doesn’t have to travel far to enjoy the elevated dining experience found at 3660 on the Rise. Chef de cuisine Lydell Leong recently revamped 3660′s menu, something the culinary wizard and his heart-of-the-house team…

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Luck of the Ahi

The monthlong holiday festivities have come and gone. (Yes, like every year, I’m suffering from Christmas withdrawals and saying goodbye to my favorite time of year is never easy.) Yet, in place of merry holiday cheer are those good ‘ole New Year’s resolutions that we all make with full optimism and determination. But alas, while…

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November 9, 2014

Happiness is on the rise

As one of the island’s premier neighborhoods for dining, Kaimuki was abuzz last month, when 3660 on the Rise welcomed the launch of its first happy hour menu. “Many years ago, we had Martini Night Wednesdays, in which diners could enjoy premium drinks and appetizers at a reasonable price,” says chef Lydell Leong. “We wanted…

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