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Veg’n Out

September 20, 2015

Your ‘meal of fortune’

Although a relatively new kid on the culinary block, Good Fortune Chinese Restaurant is anything but amateur when it comes to accommodating the desires of Oahu’s growing vegetarian community. Since opening in July, Good Fortune has experienced just that thus far — having been blessed with a steady clientele that only increases daily. This comes…

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September 13, 2015

Italian-style cuisine lights up the night

Infusing his eclectic menu with innovative island flare, executive chef Rodhel Ibay keeps things classy yet cutting-edge at Fresco Italian Restaurant. Located within Hilton Hawaiian Village’s Rainbow Bazaar, Fresco is a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike to come and enjoy a mid-day or evening meal. Two vegetarian-friendly picks in particular will inspire palates….

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September 6, 2015

Some ‘grillz’ to sink your teeth into

As any ’80s baby can recall, whenever a “grill” was mentioned — often pluralized with a “z” — visions of metal-teethed music elite like Flava Flav and Nelly come to mind (and I’m not talking about braces). But here on Oahu in 2015, a new vision of grillz is bustin’ out in the form of…

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Veggie dishes rule over this Dynasty

A calming oasis amid the bustling mecca of Honolulu’s Ala Moana Center, Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant welcomes hungry diners to stop in and enjoy a welcomed reprieve from the shopping madness. Located at Hookipa Terrace, Jade Dynasty ushers clientele into its elegant dining room amid a lovely atmosphere marked by sparkling chandeliers and refined decor….

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August 18, 2015

The versatility of tofu

Ask most vegetarians what a common staple of their diet is, and tofu is at the top of the list. Featuring three delicious soy-infused selections, Pho My Lien, a local Aiea eatery, brings good times — and good tastes — to the table this week. Walter James, Pho My Lien’s financial advisor, shares how the…

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Vegetarians luck out with fresh fare

Canton Seafood Restaurant is no stranger to vegetarian fare, and proudly makes it a point to provide a wide range of options for its clientele. “There are plenty of vegetarian choices here,” says manager He Gong. “Our vegetables are always fresh — never frozen — and no MSG is ever used either.” That assurance of…

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July 19, 2015

Thai cuisine that caters to you

When one first thinks of catering, visions of pre-ordering endless pupu platters and hosting parties come to mind. But at one local eatery, the concept of catering has a whole new meaning. In a world where everyone wants to “have it your way,” Pearl City’s Thai Lao Restaurant knows the importance of offering an eclectic…

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Vegetarian eats that Popeye would approve of

What adult doesn’t remember constantly being commanded to “eat your vegetables!” as a child? From mothers clucking to cartoons coaxing (Popeye, anyone?), we were always reminded of the rewards for consuming all things green. And where some of these memories are marred by nightmarish meals filled with barely edible mush, Waikiki has one restaurant offering…

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June 14, 2015

Absolutely ‘z’ best

An American classic — evoking images of ooey, gooey delicious melt-in-your-mouth cheeses and warm, feel-good emotions — pizza is prime. But far too often, vegetarians with an affinity for these slices of Italian goodness have been limited to only one or two options: plain cheese or plain veggie. Those names say it all — plain,…

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May 10, 2015

Taking it to the ‘Max’

Swaying palms, glistening white sands and crystal blue waters amid warm, tropical temperatures. It’s not just the weather that reflects how similar in many ways the Philippines is to Hawaii. Also synonymous is the way that Filipino cuisine has evolved over the years to include a number of ethnic influences such as Malay, Spanish, Chinese,…

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