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Ono, You Know

March 7, 2016

Ready To Pig Out!

As you’ve surely noticed over the past few years in the foodie world, pork belly is hot, hot, hot — and still sizzling! Even our most beloved thin slices of this cut of the hog, aka bacon, have taken a bit of a backseat to thicker, juicier and “fattier” presentations of pork belly. You’ll see…

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February 29, 2016

Staying On Top Of Great Cuisine

When going out to eat, regardless of the type of cuisine we are craving, there is one ingredient we all seek: quality. But as many of us know, seeing through clever marketing tricks and behind-the-scenes shortcuts some restaurants employ can be tricky, and at times we’re left wondering: Am I really getting my money’s worth?…

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February 23, 2016

Easy as Pie

This month, many food enthusiasts will be taking a slice out of one of the country’s oldest culinary traditions in celebration of Great American Pie Month. The decision for Ono, You Know to get in on the action was easy as pie, considering there is so much to love about this most classic of desserts…

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February 15, 2016

Love is in the ʻFare’

Happy Valentine’s Day, Ono readers! I believe every single day is worthy of celebrating the love we hold for our significant others, family members and friends, but since this particular date is the official Day of Love, I’m going to take a moment to cherish a special kind of love affair I’ve got going on…

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February 8, 2016

Honey is the Bee’s Knees

A friend of mine recently recommended drinking some honey in hot water to soothe my irritated throat from all the vog we’ve experienced lately (it does help!) and it got me thinking about what an amazing natural substance honey really is. When bees put their special touch on pollen, resins and nectar from flowers, they…

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February 2, 2016

Your Golden Ticket for Chocolate Bliss

Taking inspiration from Roald Dahl’s tale of Willy Wonka and his magical Chocolate Factory, I’m ready to give every chocoholic out there a tour of Honolulu’s most exciting cocoa-filled treats — with some help from the Oompa Loom-pas, of course! It’s a fabulous adventure to go on because chocolate has developed a special significance here…

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January 25, 2016

Invigorating Veggies

I often hear from Dining Out readers who are vegetarian and want to know about more places to find absolutely delicious dishes they can enjoy. This is definitely a topic worth highlighting, as there is a growing number of people who fall into this category — according to Vegetarian Times, upward of 7 million Americans…

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January 18, 2016

California Dreamin’ With Cioppino

Listen up, seafood aficionados: I’ve got a dish in store for you that you’re going to fall for, hook, line and sinker! There are many a great fish stew out there, from the golden, garlic-filled bouillabaisse of France to the Moqueca de Peixe of Brazil, enhanced with tropical fish and coconut milk. Perhaps my favorite…

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January 11, 2016

Warming Up To Wonton

Though Hawaii’s scorching rays of sunshine still are shining as the clock strikes noon, we’ve officially entered that refreshing time of year when chilly, crisp air comes over us with the sun’s setting and sticks around through the morning hours. We may not have the minus-zero-degree weather that the Mainland experiences, but our island winters…

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January 4, 2016

The More, The Merrier

I know many people have kicked off January with the resolution to eat less after a feast-filled holiday season, but I’ve got something else in mind for all of us foodies out there. While I fully support eating healthy any time of year, I also recognize the urge to full-on pig out at times —…

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