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Ono, You Know

March 26, 2017

WE All Eat In A Yellow Submarine

For us seafood lovers, there’s something about chowing down on a meal filled with plump bites of fresh ocean treasures that transports us to a “foodie utopia” of sorts, where all of our worries seem to drift away. Perhaps it has something to do with the nautical theme of the song, but The Beatles’ “Yellow…

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March 19, 2017

Holy Smokes! This Meat Is Good

Seeing as we live in the most jaw-droppingly beautiful island paradise, surrounded by royal-blue waters filled with an abundance of fish, the emphasis in Hawaii, when it comes to dining, tends to be on seafood (and for good reason). Yet while scarfing down mountains of insanely delicious poke, sometimes we forget about other local culinary…

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March 12, 2017

Rice Is Nice

In Spain, it’s called paella; in the Middle East, a pilaf; in Italy, it’s known as risotto; and throughout Asia and Hawaii, fried rice. Regardless of where you go, rice serves as an irreplaceable foundation for hearty, traditional meals, many of which are considered classics among their respective cultures. If we take a hint from…

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March 5, 2017

Wrapped Up In Lumpia

There’s a popular saying in the foodie world that everything tastes better deep fried, and who could argue with that when it comes to the drool-inducing allure of crispy fried chicken or the golden, crunchy goodness of french fries? Lumpia also stands out as one of the most beloved fried foods, providing a most satisfying…

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February 26, 2017

Bison’s Got Game

If you leafed through Dining Out last weekend, you may have came across our main story exploring the wonderful world of wagyu beef. Well, as you’ll see in today’s issue, the carnivorous cravings continue with a robust taste of another hot trend in gourmet meat — bison. For those who have never tried bison before,…

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February 19, 2017

Can’t Beat The Classics

Oahu’s budding restaurant scene offers so many exciting flavors to try, but if it’s comfort you’re looking for, there’s nothing quite like sticking to what you know and love and dining on some old-school flavors that never go out of style. I was reminded of this recently when I had a friend visiting from the…

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February 12, 2017

When Nachos Feel Like New

We all fall victim to monotony at times, resorting to those same old habits as we make our way through the weekly grind. Unfortunately our dining routines often end up in this category as well, which is why I am constantly on the search for exciting ways to switch up the classic flavors we always…

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February 5, 2017

Giving Spinach The Green Light

When the classic cartoon character Popeye would devour those cans of spinach whole and start bursting at the seams with bulging arm muscles, he was really onto something. After all, the iron-rich vegetable is more than ideal for a healthy diet, increasing strength and energy while filling our bodies with much-needed vitamins and minerals. But…

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January 29, 2017

Keeping Up With Kimchee

We all have Korea to thank for creating arguably the most flavorful preserved vegetables in existence: kimchee, in all its glorious forms. Though we’re most familiar with the standard wonbok, or Napa cabbage, variety of the banchan (side dish), there are actually an estimated 200-plus styles of kimchee and a far greater number of personalized…

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January 22, 2017

Can you Feel The Heat?

If there’s one type of food that is a cure-all for everything from vog symptoms to those coughs and colds going around, it’s soothing, simmering soup. And as chilly evenings continue to settle in this time of year, we all could probably benefit from wrapping our hands around a hot bowl, being sure to slurp…

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