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Camellia Buffet

By Dining Out Team Photos By Lawrence Tabudlo
July 7, 2013

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There’s so much to choose from at Camellia Buffet that the all-you-can-eat Korean buffet is a hit with everyone. And you can’t go wrong with a world of savory meats, from chicken and steak to beef ribeye and hot spicy pork, all ready to be grilled at your table, not to mention fresh vegetables, as well as sashimi, miso soup, sweet rice with red beans, potato salad and more. “Kalbi is our most popular item,” says owner June Ha. “It’s not regular kalbi; it’s a very good, high-quality meat that is very tender.” The short ribs are marinated for 24 hours before they are ready to grill, which allows them to absorb every drop of flavor. For more information, call 951-0511.