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Ali Carte
Ali Carte

Where Healthy Homestyle Cooking Heats Up

By Ali Resich Photos By Rachel Breit
June 2, 2013

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At some restaurants, a sneaky mound of butter here or an extra ingredient there can end up on your plate and become any health-conscious diner’s worst nightmare. That’s why Dipping Restaurant, Honolulu’s newest hot pot-style eatery, is dedicated to providing truly clean and healthy meals.

Opened just a few weeks ago on Keeaumoku Street, Dipping presents a variety of fresh food that’s ready to cook away in healthy bowls of soup placed on induction cooktops at each table.

“They’re home-style soups and sauces, and we’re concerned with health,” says manager Michael Park. “So it’s nothing greasy, there’s lots of vegetables, meat and seafood, so we make it as healthy as it can be.”

Just as important to Park is the fact that the eatery is MSG-free. “MSG is not good for your health, especially your brain, and it makes you thirsty. But our food doesn’t make you thirsty and people can safely drink the broth.”

Similar to other shabu shabu dining establishments, individual portions of meats, seafood, vegetables and noodles are available at Dipping for patrons to customize their meals. Park suggests trying the eatery’s unique Set Menu, which offers a worry-free, well-rounded blend of ingredients for customers to enjoy.

The regular Set Menu ($25.95) comes with Kobe beef, pork belly, four different kinds of mushrooms, cabbage, tofu, broccoli and kabocha. For no additional charge, the meal is served with a pure, Japanese-style clear soup.

If you’re a seafood lover at heart, upgrade your Set Menu to include seafood options such as shrimp, oysters and more for an additional $7.

When it comes to choosing the perfect broth to simmer away with flavor, the variety is endless. Dipping presents everything from Miso, Kimchi and Vegetable soup bases to Seafood and ultra spicy House special broths.

The new eatery — which Park says is named with the international, modern trend in mind of adding “.com” to the end of company names, restaurants or condominiums — also has fresh a la carte items that chef Soo Yeon Kwon cooks up to accompany your meal.

Lunch Special soups are a must, with Champon Noodle ($9.95) presenting a hot mix of seafood with noodles, seaweed and vegetables. You must prepare yourself, though, as this dish is extremely spicy. If heat isn’t your thing, Nagasaki Champon ($9.95) features a mild chicken-based broth.

Temperatures continue to rise in the Dinner Specials ($29.99 each), which sizzle with sharable plates of shrimp, clams, cabbage, fried noodles and an oh-so-hot-and-spicy sauce. If you prefer mochi cake to fried noodles, try the Duk poki special.

At Dipping, rest assured that what you see is what you get — a stripped down, replenishing meal with no unhealthy surprises, yet all the flavor of a home-cooked meal. Be sure to take advantage of one-third discounted prices during happy hour as well, served daily from 10 to 11 p.m.

Dipping Restaurant

1020 Keeaumoku St. #101, Honolulu
597-1560 or 597-1561
Daily, 11 a.m.-5 a.m. the following day
Happy Hour, 10-11 p.m. daily
Note: Patrons may use the parking lot in front of the restaurant, or valet is available