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Tropical Tribe

By Dining Out Team
February 10, 2013

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Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at your favorite restaurant? Well, much credit goes to the many chefs, owners and managers who work diligently day in and day out to make sure Hawaii’s diners have a top-notch dining experience.

This week, Dining Out got the inside scoops from Tropical Tribe’s owner Andre Moraes, who gives us a little taste of Tropical Tribe and shares just what fuels his culinary drive.


Name: Andre Moraes
Title: Owner of Tropical Tribe

Who or what inspires you as a chef/manager/owner? My biggest inspiration in life is my father. It’s hard to explain how important he is in my life in a few words. Since I was a kid I saw how much he sacrificed for our family, but I never saw him taking the easy way out. He is a man who worked hard and succeeded, but I never heard him bragging about it. His words are wise, in fact, he is the wisest person I’ve ever known, but more than just words, he is a man of action, who set a good example with his life. I always rely on him when I need good advice. He is an inspiration not only for me, but for the people who know him.

If you could serve food to a celebrity, who would it be and why? What dish would you serve? I always watch the TV shows Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell with Gordon Ramsay. I would love to serve my Acai Bowl to him.

What is your favorite dish on the menu? Why? The Tropical Tribe bowl. The acai berry pulp and guarana berry juice mixed together create a perfect combination of health and flavor. That amazing combination was created by the tropical tribes in the Amazon rain forest, where acai originates from. The mix is topped with granola, banana, strawberry, blueberries and honey.

Is there a dish that you create that’s not on your menu, but available upon request? We have a bowl mixed with protein powder. This was created because my costumers who frequent 24-Hour Fitness wanted to have extra protein. It was on our menu for a while, but it was never a popular item, so I removed it. However, now you can request it. Besides that we have new items coming out — all made with high-quality ingredients that are not watered down with ice.

Tropical Tribe

1637 Kapiolani Blvd., Honolulu
Open daily, 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m.