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Order of the Day

Mitsu-Ken Continues to Serve Up Local Favorites

By Kyle Galdeira Photos By Leah Friel
November 4, 2012

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For nearly 20 years, Mitsu-Ken Okazu & Catering has satisfied customers that flock from around the corner and around the island to enjoy the Kalihi eatery’s selection of bentos, combination plates and catering platters.

From the ever-popular breakfast offerings that make for ideal grab-and-go meals, to its iconic Garlic Chicken, Mitsu-Ken continues to serve multiple generations of satisfied customers.

“The Garlic Chicken and our breakfast special and combo are still our most popular dishes,” says owner Brad Kaneshiro. “We also do catering for parties and special events.”

To start off the day, Mitsu-Ken features its Breakfast Special ($4), which includes two scoops of fried rice, two eggs cooked any style and two strips of bacon. The popular Breakfast Combo ($6) includes the aforementioned items contained in the Breakfast Special, in addition to three pieces of the savory garlic chicken. The eatery serves its breakfast offerings from 5 to 10:30 a.m.

Regular and first-time customers rave about Mitsu-Ken’s flavor-packed bento selections, which are available until the eatery closes at 1 p.m. The Mitsu-Ken Bento ($6.25) includes Garlic Chicken, Teri Beef, Spam, Hot Dog, Egg Omelet all served on a bed of rice topped with furikake. The Mini Bento ($4.25) includes Garlic Chicken, Hot Dog, Egg Omelet and rice, while the newly added Fried Saimin Bento ($6) features a bed of fried saimin and rice topped with Garlic Chicken, Egg Omelet and Portuguese Sausage.

Additionally, Mitsu-Ken offers an assortment of popular plate lunches, which include two scoops of rice and Macaroni/Potato salad (tossed green salad also is available for an additional 45 cents). Some of the popular plates include Garlic Chicken ($6.75), Hamburger Steak ($6.75) and Mixed Plate ($7.25), which includes Garlic Chicken, Meat Loaf and Hot Dog.

Mitsu-Ken has customers covered when it comes to catering, and offers multiple-course menus as well as assorted Pupu Platters, which must be ordered at least two days in advance. Platter “A” ($30) serves a plentiful portion of Fried Saimin, 12 pieces of Portuguese Sausage and 16 individual Spam Musubi. Platter “B” ($16) features eight Spam Musubi and 10 Hot Dog Musubi — a perfect assortment for tailgating. Kaneshiro explains that customers also can order Garlic Chicken as an a la carte item as three pieces are available for $2.

While Mitsu-Ken has limited parking at its current location, customers will be pleased to hear that the restaurant will move to a new, larger space early in 2013. The eatery will be located at 2300 N. King Street in a new structure located across from New City Nissan, and while customers can expect the same great food and customer service, there also will be some positive upgrades.

“We’re going to be moving to our new King Street location sometime in January, so we’ll have more parking and a bigger kitchen, but it will still be takeout only,” Kaneshiro says. “We’re probably going to offer a wider selection of items as well, and we’re currently working on creating the new menu.”

Mitsu-Ken Okazu & Catering

1223 N. School St., Honolulu
Tuesday-Saturday, 5 a.m.-1 p.m.
Breakfast served until 10:30 a.m.